Health & Safety Training

Our health and safety training courses are designed for all employees, whether you’re in construction, working in a factory, or sitting behind a desk in an office. Online health and safety training courses will help with injury prevention and in creating a safer work environment for all employees. We offer online health and safety courses in accordance with the recommendations and best practices from OSHA and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards to promote employee safety and wellbeing at all times. From basic health and safety courses to accident investigation and workplace inspection, we have designed our courses in accordance with the acts and regulations of the authorities to ensure the safest and most comfortable work environment.

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Cannabis - Workplace Implications

This Cannabis - Workplace Implications online training course is designed for employers, employees, and organizations that have comprehensive workplace impairment policies in place are setting clear expectations and providing guidelines for employers, supervisors, and employees in a variety of situations. This course deals with impairment in general and impairment from cannabis in particular.
From $12.50

Contractor Safety

This Contractor Safety online training course is designed for site supervisors, constructors, contractors, and employers. This course provides clear definitions and outlines roles and responsibilities concerning all contractor activities. This course explores the differences among, and the health and safety responsibilities of supervisors, constructors, contractors, and employers and provides clear definitions.
From $14.50

Due Diligence

This Due Diligence online training course will provide a clear understanding of the legal requirements necessary for compliance as well as the implications of non-compliance and the benefits of due diligence in the workplace. To exercise due diligence means that employers must take all reasonable precautions under the circumstances to prevent injuries or accidents in the workplace.
From $14.50

First Aid Basics [US]

This First Aid Basics online training course has been developed to allow certified first aid attendants to refresh and update their basic first aid knowledge. This program is meant to supplement completed first aid training by providing a review of some of the critical information covered in a typical First Aid Course.
From $34.50

Health and Safety for Small Business [US]

This Health and Safety for Small Business online training course introduces owners and managers to the types of health and safety problems that can occur in small businesses and gives practical information and tips regarding strategies to identify hazards and manage risks, identify the health and safety responsibilities of employers and identify key components of an effective health and safety program.
From $29.50

Machine Guarding

This Machine Guarding online training course provides an overview of the types of mechanical motions and actions that can be hazardous. This course will teach you how to assess their risks, recall the different types of machine guards and safeguarding devices and methods, and how to outline the legal requirements for safeguarding.

Office Safety

This Office Safety online training course is designed for employees working in an office. This course explores working in an office and how to manage common office hazards. This course will help you reduce the risk of workplace injury by discussing how to prevent common office hazards by following safety procedures.
From $14.50

Primeros Auxilios Básicos [US]

Este programa de Primeros auxilios básicos ha sido desarrollado para brindar a los asistentes de primeros auxilios certificados la oportunidad de refrescar y actualizar sus conocimientos básicos de primeros auxilios. Este programa está destinado a complementar la capacitación en primeros auxilios al proporcionar una revisión de parte de la información crítica cubierta en un curso típico de primeros auxilios.
From $34.50

Young Worker Safety Orientation

This Young Worker Safety Orientation online training course outlines what young workers need to know about health and safety legislation, the rights and responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and workers as set out in occupational health and safety legislation, the types of workplace hazards young workers may encounter, and protective measures that should be taken to ensure everyone in a workplace is safe.
From $14.50

Zika Awareness

Zika virus outbreaks are occurring in multiple countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas, including the continental United States. This Zika Awareness online training course will provide you with basic information about Zika virus. This course will help you understand what causes Zika virus, how it is spread, symptoms, treatment, risk, and prevention and control.
From $14.50