Browse our catalog of online finance courses from the Basics of Budgeting and Investing 101, to more advanced courses, like Strategic Management of Your Organization. Our courses aim to educate you in the fundamentals of corporate finance which is an integral part of any organization and the core of running a successful business. With our broad selection of business skills courses there are endless opportunities for an individual to improve themselves and better their organization. Check out our selection of online courses below.

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Aspectos básicos de las finanzas comerciales

Este curso presenta información acerca de los fundamentos de las finanzas corporativas. Muestra de qué forma varias actividades de trabajo pueden y, de hecho, afectan la salud financiera de una organización.
From $19.50

Basic Business Finance (2 modules)

The Basic Business Finance online training course will explore the fundamentals of corporate finance.  This course is a two-module program consisting of Basics of Business Finance and Shareholder Value Creation. These courses will give you an understanding of the basics of corporate finance and an organization's shareholder values and growth.
From $24.50

Éléments fondamentaux de la finance des Affaires

Ce cours présente les éléments fondamentaux de la finance dans les entreprises. Il démontre comment certaines activités peuvent avoir un impact sur la santé financière de l’organisation.
From $19.50

How to Build a Profitable Customer Base

This How to Build a Profitable Customer Base online training course is designed for C-suite and business analysis employees. Most business profitability analyses are centered around products and services. However, what if customer analysis was also key in making a business profitable? This course explores the concept and applicability of customer profitability analysis.
From $49.50

Interpreting Financial Statements

This Interpreting Financial Statements online training course is a four-part course and is designed for business professionals from various industry sectors to learn how to use financial statements and to manage business finances. This course explores how to use financial statements, profit and loss statements cash flow statements, and manage your business finances.
From $32.50

Introduction to Financial Statements

This Introduction to Financial Statements online training course discusses the three financial statements that are commonly used to understand a company’s economic performance: the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement. We will outline the purpose and use of these financial statements and the role they play in keeping an organization accountable to its stakeholders.
From $49.50

Investing 101

This Investing 101 online training course is designed for banking employees and anyone seeking information about the basics of investments. This course explores the basics of stocks and the stock market, as well as some techniques for researching and analyzing stock. It also explores practical steps you can take to build your own portfolio.
From $24.50

Planning for Success

This Planning for Success online training course is designed for management employees. This course provides an important tool for strategically managing an organization’s performance: scenario planning. Scenario planning attempts to broaden an organization’s view of the future by asking, “What could happen?” instead of “What will happen?” This course goes into dept on Scenario Planning.
From $49.50

Strategic Management of Your Organization

This Strategic Management of Your Organization online training course provides an important tool for strategically managing an organization’s performance. This course will show what is involved in implementing a balanced scorecard in an organization. The balanced scorecard seeks to ensure the proper execution of strategy and to balance an organization’s current performance against the long-term health of the organization.
From $49.50

Understanding Financial Statements

This Understanding Financial Statements online training course is designed for all employees. It introduces information about the fundamentals of reading and understanding financial statements. It shows how various work activities can and do affect the financial health of an organization, and introduces concepts, examples, and knowledge that non-financially oriented decision makers should know.
From $19.50
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