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Business training courses can help you with a number of challenges you might encounter in the workplace. Everyone of your team members plays a vital role in your organization so learning how to motivate them and work together as a team are vital skills. Business writing, market research, and proper communication are other courses we offer here at Vubiz. Explore these business training courses and more here.

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Acting Effectively on a Team

This Acting Effectively on a Team online training course was designed for all employees and supervisors. This course will help you contribute more effectively to your team and help your teammates do the same. It will expand your understanding of the challenges teams face and what you can do to overcome them.
From $19.50

Aspectos básicos de las finanzas comerciales

Este curso presenta información acerca de los fundamentos de las finanzas corporativas. Muestra de qué forma varias actividades de trabajo pueden y, de hecho, afectan la salud financiera de una organización.
From $19.50

Basic Business Finance (2 modules)

The Basic Business Finance online training course will explore the fundamentals of corporate finance.  This course is a two-module program consisting of Basics of Business Finance and Shareholder Value Creation. These courses will give you an understanding of the basics of corporate finance and an organization's shareholder values and growth.
From $24.50

Board Behaviour

This Board Behavior online training course is designed for new board members and other employees who aim to become board members. Working as a team is challenging, and it is no different when it comes to an organization's board of directors. Group cohesion in vision, mission, and action is critical. A high-functioning board trusts each other while being unafraid to face challenges together to achieve a common goal. This course highlights how to overcome issues in board dynamics, which will enable boards to be effective and efficient.
From $19.50

Business Continuity Planning: An Overview

This Business Continuity Planning: An Overview online training course is designed for employees in all industries with responsibilities for maintaining business functions and processes. Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is a comprehensive strategy to ensure the continued operation of critical business functions and processes in the event of disruptions or disasters. Learn about identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, assessing their potential impact on business operations, and developing strategies and procedures to mitigate those risks and maintain continuity.
From $19.50

Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career

This Business Etiquette: Accelerate Your Career online training course will introduce you to business etiquette principles and practices. This course will show you how they can be applied in typical business situations to put yourself and others at ease. Business Etiquette improves your chances of advancement and benefits your organization. 
From $39.50

Business Writing: Being Effective

This Business Writing – Being Effective online training course shows you precisely how to jump from planning a business message to the actual research, writing, and revising of the message. You will learn formal and informal methods of conducting research and generating ideas; how to organize your information; how to write a solid first draft; and how to edit it for accuracy, proper grammar, and syntax.
From $19.50

Business Writing: Reports and Proposals

This Business Writing – Reports and Proposals online training course is designed for business owners, managers, and employees. This course presents techniques for writing two crucial business documents—proposals and reports. It covers various types of business reports and proposals and outlines the basic components of each kind of business report and proposal in use today.
From $19.50

Cloud Computing: An Introduction

This Cloud Computing: An Introduction online training course introduces learners to the exciting world of cloud computing and will learn to define cloud computing. The learner will explore how cloud computing evolved, describe how businesses can benefit from cloud computing, draw attention to the risks of cloud computing, and conclude with the practicalities of its implementation.
From $34.50

Communicating as a Team

This Communicating as a Team online training course is designed for all employees working within a team. Organizations today are leaner and flatter, and they increasingly rely on employee teams to handle projects. Therefore, communication within teams is crucial to an organization's success. This course helps you develop more powerful, effective team communication skills, and acquaints you with techniques.
From $19.50

Communicating Cross Culturally

This Communicating Cross Culturally online training course is designed for employees in the workplace. The workplace has changed dramatically in the past few decades. These changes have brought people from diverse cultures together and created workplace communication difficulties. This course provides a broad overview of problems and solutions for cross-cultural workplace communication.
From $19.50

Communicating Non Verbally

This Communicating Non Verbally online training course is designed for all employees and explores how the signals projected through body language impacts the message you deliver. This course provides an introduction to the meaning of signals projected through body language. By learning the techniques presented in this course, and developing your communication skills, you can become a more effective communicator.
From $19.50

Communicating Persuasively

This Communicating Persuasively online training course is designed for all levels of employees – including sales and marketing staff. This course presents techniques in the art of persuading others. It shows you how to use the 3-x-3 writing plan to organize and compose persuasive internal messages, sales messages, news releases, claims and adjustments, and action requests.
From $19.50

Communication Basics

This Communication Basics online training course is designed for employees, employers, and business communicators and explores the communication process and how you can send clear and consistent messages. This course will introduce you to the basics of effective communication so you can be on your way to having greater confidence in your ability to make sure that your messages are understood.
From $19.50

Compétences en présentation

Ce cours de formation en ligne Compétences en présentation comprend des techniques pour vous aider à déterminer ce que le public veut et ce dont il a besoin, des méthodes pour évaluer ses besoins, et une structure pour organiser et mettre en forme une bonne présentation. Avec une préparation adéquate, vous pouvez faire en toute confiance une présentation qui captivera votre public.
From $34.50

Coping with Change

This Coping with Change online training course is designed for all employees and explores the cause and effects of organizational change and how to manage challenges in the process. This course will give you an understanding of the process of change and the typical responses to it, you will be able to use proven techniques and strategies to decrease the stress of change.

Creating a Climate for Rapport

This Creating a Climate for Rapport online training course is designed for any employees who interact with internal or external customers. A positive attitude is powerful magic. Your attitude toward your job, your co-workers and your customers create a climate for increased customer rapport. In this course, you will learn the importance of a positive department climate and the behaviors that contribute to team effectiveness.
From $17.50

Cross Cultural Training

This Cross-Cultural Training online course explores the process of identifying cultural differences and addressing them effectively. Whether you’re traveling or working in a foreign land, or whether you have someone from a different country working within your organization, identifying cultural differences accurately and adapting to them is the key to communicating effectively in the workplace.
From $37.50

Customer First Series (11 modules)

In this Customer First Series online training course, you will examine issues such as rapport and trust, and identify what clients want in terms of communication. You will learn some techniques for establishing trust and eliminating negative messages from your communication, both of which will have a significant impact on your client relations.
From $49.50

Customer Service Excellence

This Customer Service Excellence online training course will teach you new ways to provide excellent quality customer service, how to deal with customers in difficult situations, help you build a comfortable environment for customers and co-workers, establish positive lines of communication, and feel more confident about yourself and your abilities.
From $19.50

Dar una retroalimentación efectiva

La retroalimentación es un proceso por el cual el desempeño efectivo es reforzado y se corrige el desempeño no deseable. Este curso proporcionará a usted estrategias para dar retroalimentación efectiva que sirva como una herramienta para aumentar el rendimiento y la moral.
From $19.50

Delivering Effective Feedback

This Delivering Effective Feedback online training course was designed for employees seeking to grow in a management role and managers who want to develop their leadership skills. This course will provide you with strategies to give effective feedback that serves as a tool to enhance performance and morale within the company.
From $19.50

Desarrollo de un equipo de liderazgo fuerte

En este curso, se proporcionan los elementos clave para crear un equipo de liderazgo que dé el ejemplo para el resto de la organización.
From $19.50

Developing A Strong Leadership Team

This Developing A Strong Leadership Team online training course delivers the key elements of how to create a leadership team that is a model for the rest of the organization. This provides practical tools and methods to create and maintain a shared vision, define roles and responsibilities, and determine mutual goals and priorities.
From $19.50

Éléments fondamentaux de la finance des Affaires

Ce cours présente les éléments fondamentaux de la finance dans les entreprises. Il démontre comment certaines activités peuvent avoir un impact sur la santé financière de l’organisation.
From $19.50
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